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Services + Technology


Twin-Engine Fleet

With the adaptability of a twin-engine aircraft, we can swiftly reach sites and maintain prolonged flight durations, effectively minimizing direct costs for our clients. Moreover, our fleet's capability to accommodate two sensors concurrently enables us to gather data simultaneously, significantly cutting down on flight time for expansive projects. 

Red Helicopter

Helicopter Platform

Introducing our latest capability: the acquisition of low-altitude LiDAR and photography via helicopter. Our helicopter platform now boasts a state-of-the-art Teledyne Galaxy sensor, complemented by nadir and oblique cameras. This setup allows us to cater to utility mapping projects demanding exceptionally high-density LiDAR data and small pixel resolution imagery.



One of the key considerations in UAV LiDAR acquisition is the choice of platform depending on project size, specifications, and safety concerns. Our UAV team operates both fixed-wing and multirotor UAVs, each has distinct advantages and limitations that need to be carefully weighed depending on the specific requirements of the mission. With the ability to capture high-resolution imagery and precise elevation data, our UAV LiDAR & imagery systems offer unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in various applications such as land surveying, infrastructure inspection, environmental monitoring, and disaster management.


Optech Galaxy Lidar Sensor

We exclusively utilize Teledyne Galaxy sensors, renowned for their capability to maintain a consistent point density regardless of the terrain, be it rugged mountains or expansive plains. Moreover, our lidar and imagery systems seamlessly transition between fixed-wing and helicopter platforms, ensuring versatility and efficiency in all environments.


Phase One Precision Mapping Cameras

Our cutting-edge digital aerial imagery is meticulously captured using state-of-the-art color RGB and near-infrared Phase One cameras. Employing advanced technology, we leverage multiple lens cones to ensure the highest level of precision in data capture, achieving ground pixel resolutions as fine as 1 centimeter. With image sensors boasting an impressive 280MP, we minimize flight lines, optimize efficiency and deliver a cost-effective solution tailored to our client's specific requirements.

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